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June 11 2015

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open wounds

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my Hong Kong

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stellaVista´s sout african cliff-side hideaway. built by soata

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japanese artists masakazu shirane and saya miyazaki and new zealander reuben young have created ‘light origami’ as a domed structure made up more than 320 geometric shapes, which constantly shift and alter the spectrum of light projected within the luminous space. when mirrored against the reflective perspex material, viewers are enveloped by a visual effect that mimics the interior of a kaleidoscope, with changing perspectives and impressions upon entry.

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twisted concrete fireplace, bitches!

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Pet Shop Boys über dem Laibach

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June 10 2015

John Waters commencement speach at Rhode Island Convention Center
Providence, Rhode Island.

as always: john nails it!

“Go out in the world and fuck it up beautifully. Design clothes so hideous that they can’t be worn ironically. Horrify us with new ideas. Outrage outdated critics. Use technology for transgression, not lazy social living. Make me nervous!

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#SuperFreak #LuigiColani’s “Colani GT2” from #1974. He drove this through the Indian subcontinent, can you imagine the looks he must have gotten? 😳😳😳😳

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james last. 1929 - 2015

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kant garagen. berlin.

from the outside the kant garagen appear like a delapitated architectural nightmare in the middle of berlin´s kant strasse.

once you step inside, however, you will feel like stepping into a real-life vision of “the cabinet of dr. caligari”.

Built in the “roaring 20s” by architects associated with the bauhaus, the kant garagen is the largest, vertical garage building with a double-helix ramp in existence.

although the building is listed for urban heritage conservation, it´s owner is trying to tear it down to replace it with yet another, forgettable, faceless shack.

also: native english speakers always giggle like schoolboys when they hear that berlin has a kant-garage and a kant-kino on kant strasse. kant´s everywhere!

damn you, vowel shift!

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June 09 2015

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la! neu? cha cha 2000. live in tokyo 1996

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regatta tower at baldenaysee, essen, germany. architect: horst lippert. 1962.

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