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February 19 2016

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stills from high-rise (2015) and the atrocity exhibition (2000).

both films are adaptations of works by j.g.ballard

thanks to: ballardian

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posters for “high-rise”, the long awaited movie adaption of j.g.ballards seminal novel.

any adaption will have a hard time to get the tone of the book right…and living up to these amazing posters (especially the 2nd one)…good luck!

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beacon - preserve (kim ann foxman remix)

ms. foxman continues her streak of top notch remixes. the original is a thing of beauty too and should not be slept on

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nils petter molvaer & moritz von oswald - step by step.

winter music

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Art-lovers in Baltimore have launched an online fund-raising campaign to raise US$70,000 to build an eight-foot tall statue commemorating the moment when Divine proved her credentials as the “Filthiest Person Alive” by eating fresh dog shit at the of John Waters’ seminal cult classic movie Pink Flamingos; “However, rather than the typical serene reliquary space, a large scale portrait etched in black granite will be readable from across the street, and upon closer inspection the viewer will encounter a beautiful cast bronze dog feces perched on marble steps.”

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mondo topless

February 18 2016

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mona (the museum of neon art)

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MONA (the museum of neon art)

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i am never going home

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oh, i like it here

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#CharlottePerriand, “Bedroom in the place Saint-Suplicr”, #1927 - image via the stunningly comprehensive 2 part monograph by #JacquesBarsac (at Patrick Parrish Gallery)

February 17 2016

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out there?

February 16 2016

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We loved the pop hits

and we quoted the best bits

February 15 2016

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