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Brutal Destruction 

Curated by Chris Grimley of over,under, Brutal Destruction features a collection of photographs by Matthew Carbone, Harlan Erskine, Jason Hood, Rey Lopez, David Schalliol, David Torke, and Oliver Wainwright. These haunting images of buildings in the process of destruction show an architecture once praised, yet now at its most vulnerable a half-century or so after its completion, and vilified to the point of demolition. Suspended between life and death, these buildings remind us of the power that architecture can possess upon its inception, but also of the forces that conspire against it once it is judged to have become old, out-of-shape, obsolete, or ugly.

Brutal Destruction is part of the ongoing Heroic Project, which also includes the book Heroic: ConcreteArchitecture and the New Boston (The Monacelli Press, 2015), and the Brutalist Boston Map (Blue Crow Media, 2017).

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