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The existential case for ditching Alexa and other AI


Alexa’s creepy laugh is far from the most worrying thing about her. This is despite the fact that Amazon’s digital assistant – which allows users to access the internet and control personal organisation tools simply by speaking to the device – has been reported to spontaneously chuckle to herself. We shouldn’t be too concerned about her going rogue and turning on us either – a Terminator-style takeover by artificial intelligence doesn’t seem imminent. But Alexa does pose one immediate threat. Rather than worrying about AI becoming more human, we should fear ourselves becoming more artificial by outsourcing important actions and decisions to devices like her. This idea hasn’t been discussed much. Research suggests that the public’s main concern about AI is instead it becoming super intelligent and developing a mind of its own. Various prominent science and technology experts, such as the late physicist Stephen Hawking and the entrepreneur Elon Musk, have warned of the potential risks of such a scenario.

Elon Musk is probably grumpy that he didn´t “invent” it. Otherwise he´d be the first to market the shit out of it.

Why anyone would spend his money on a deeply sinister device like alexCIA, et al, is totally behind me. I feel like a lone caller in the desert when i see intelligent people actually forking out money to install these surveillance machines ON THEIR OWN WILL AND COST in their homes.

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