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February 01 2018

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richard nixon meets robocop at the boyscouts of america.

still from “flesh & steel - the making of robocop”

January 22 2018

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lego or las vegas.

January 21 2018

January 14 2018

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algiers - the underside of power.

post-punk meets motown with a dash of suicide.

January 13 2018

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mobots are coming

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dinosaur bones

December 17 2017

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Charles Moore, William Turnbull, Perez Associates, Wonderwall, Louisiana World Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1984

December 05 2017

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at South Beach, Miami

December 04 2017

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the spacerail at miami seaquarium (1963 -  1991)

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domoscope#1 - j. g. thirlwell.

signed and numbered edition of 150. available from the foetus shoppe

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December 02 2017

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jonathan bree - weird hardcore.

damn, this is amazing!

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jonathan bree - you´re so cool.

just discovered this new zealand artist tonight, and now i want the whole damned world to know.

yes, those masks are gimmicky, but holy shit does it WORK.

it´s like  1960´s walker brothers meeting your nightmares via “mummenschanz, “carnival of souls” , velvet underground and the muppets show half-way.

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jonathan bree - a little night music (the whole fucking album!)

ok, this album from new zealand outfit “jonathan bree” was released in 2015, but it´s too amazing to sleep on it.

If you have 33 minutes to spare - and you dig chromatics, the walker brothers on valium and david lynch soundtracks THIS IS THE ALBUM FOR YOU!

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jonathan bree - say you love me too

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xmas prep is on.

the john waters advent calender:

Day 1… Get naked and smoke.
Day 2… Ask a neighbour if they find it funny that every man in the neighborhood has a penis.
Day 3… Flash someone.
Day 4… Get your hair done.
Day 5. Go to a porn theatre (or rent a porno movie) and “pop a load”
Day 6… Whenever you hear someone say “shit” tell them you hate the brown word.
Day 7… Exclaim “What a day for an execution!” to strangers.
Day 8… Stomp on someones foot - laugh maniacally.
Day 9… Play “car accident.” (Be sure to have plenty of ketchup on hand.)
Day 10… Get a baby sitting job - throw wild destructive party. Trash everything.
Day 11… Admit to God that you are a whore.
Day 12… Tell your nephew (or other younger male relative) you’d be so happy if he turned nelly and found a nice beautician boyfriend.
Day 13… Seduce a bus driver.
Day 14… Refer to your daughter (or young female relative) as “that little MF”
Day 15… Write “I sniff jury underpants” (or other obscenity) in a bathroom stall.
Day 16… Have sloppy joes for dinner.
Day 17… Go to doctor and demand “a wang.”
Day 18… At the dinner table exclaim loudly “I’m so hungry I could eat cancer.”
Day 19… Tell someone that you’re a thief, a shit kicker and that you’d like to be famous.
Day 20… Condone first degree murder. Advocate cannibalism.
Day 21… Have sex with a midget in the back of a car.
Day 22… Be celibate for celluloid.
Day 23… Watch “Christmas Evil” with JW commentary.
Day 24… Send someone a bowel movement.
Bonus day - Return all your Christmas gifts for money because…. “you can do that you know.”

(john “meat thief” waters photographed by john russell)

it´s this time of the year to re–blog myself

November 27 2017

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47 minutes of hot buttered soul!

November 20 2017

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