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March 17 2017

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hexstatic - perfect bird

because we need more lip-synching parrots

March 15 2017

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March 13 2017

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safe fun in chile.

March 12 2017

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March 11 2017

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Huckleberry Hax, Ten Pet Shop Boys Songs Expressed as Charts and Diagrams (2014).

The best moment of this weekend comes when my producer Ewan Pearson says of one song we are working on, “We need to make sure it doesn’t sound like Sigue Sigue Sputnik.”

tracey thorn on the process of recording a new album.

i for one would be thrilled to hear that

March 10 2017

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CiM - by a river.

be! au! ti! ful!

March 09 2017

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the car floor mat skirts and side-view mirror accessories at balenciaga fw17!

it´s very rare that fashion makes me go “fuck yeah”. this is tres stellaVista!

j.g.ballard would be amazed.

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plaid - bet.

24 hour airport time-lapse set to music by plaid. that´s high-concept.

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Art Deco white porcelain ‘Ballerina’ statue by Theo Vos for the German ‘Hutschenreuther Porcelain’ via venice clay artists

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Apartment Building “Eurydike” (1973) in Munich, Germany, by Jürgen von Gagern

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Ad for a Philips Manhattan light, 1989


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langdon clay. new york city cars. 1970´s

March 07 2017

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