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June 13 2017

June 10 2017

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meanwhile below gloucester road…

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June 08 2017

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the the - we can´t stop what´s coming.

matt johnson: sexy and wise as always!

June 06 2017

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a song for london, because london belongs to you/me/us. not them!

saint etienne - london belongs to me (foxbase beta version)

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in the rain

in the shower

call my name

June 05 2017

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pizzicato five - catwalk (st. etienne remix)

June 04 2017

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awesome concrete beer coasters or peter saville designed new order singles?

June 01 2017

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just discovered/defined a new art form:

romantic online-dating realism (rodar).

re-blogging myself: it has come to my attention that romantic online-dating realism (rodar) is still not a recognized art-form.

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comes with special “drink plateau”

weaponizing irony

May 31 2017

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Orphée (1950) dir. Jean Cocteau

May 30 2017

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kero kero bonito - trampoline (saint etienne remix).

summer hit!

May 29 2017

you have to ask yourself, if computer technology is not an alien virus why does it behave exactly like one?
christopher knowles/secret sun

May 20 2017

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rac - bad altitude.

you can never have enough 90´s idm/tech house.

May 19 2017

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coldcut x on-u sound - make up your mind

a match made in….the big echo-chamber in the sky.

May 18 2017

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May 16 2017

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