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May 18 2018

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morning mood

May 16 2018

when too perfect, lieber gott böse

nam june paik

May 09 2018

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Japanese high school student Kanji on the street in Harajuku wearing a dark avant-garde look with handmade items, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus, Y-3, LAD Musician, Dog Harajuku, and Sulvam. Full Look

fashion hates you!

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dj steel (aka lene stokes of coco steel & lovebomb) 1987

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May 06 2018

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May 04 2018

April 28 2018

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the pattern forms - man and machine

April 23 2018

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Michael Jantzen, modular steel dome housing. top: detached storage unit, bottom: interior of main house. 1981.

it´s all about that tv/ghettoblaster-trolley!

April 21 2018

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rex the dog - hold/control it

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rex the dog - crasher

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April 19 2018

Now there’s a woman who knows how to hate
— richard nixon on barbara bush

April 18 2018

I mean, what the hell kind of expert on the apocalypse runs around making these kinds of predictions and doesn’t cite a single Cocteau Twins song to back up their prophecies?
the secret sun

April 13 2018

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so when this will be fully released, we´ll have another 8 hours of new autechre material. i don´t think i can cope…

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how do you listen to this?

with pain?

April 11 2018

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I’m dying.

admit it, zuckerberg: for 30 you don´t look so good.

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